The Arts

The goal of The Arts facet is to increase and expand art activity, and elevate our programs through arts integration and effectively create an arts renaissance within our organization and programmatic efforts.

The Greater New York Links Chapter Arts Facet worked to bring awareness to the Chapter about domestic violence and develop a strategy for corporate understanding and sensitivity to the issue of domestic violence.


  • The Urban Woman’s Retreat
  • Macy’s
  • Donna Ferrato (noted Domestic Violence Activist and Photographer)
  • Walker International Communications Group

 The Arts Facet’s activities were guided by national statistics, which show that between 55% and 95% of women who have been physically abused by their partners have never contacted non-governmental organizations, shelters or the police for help.  The Arts Facet wanted to help the members of the chapter become knowledgeable about and comfortable discussing the topic of domestic violence and heighten their consciousness so that the chapter’s service delivery programs can be more focused and impactful.

Arts activities focused on:

  • Creating a logo to be used by the chapter to depict its umbrella program and commitment to the issue of domestic violence;
  • Hosting a holiday party at The Urban Woman’s Retreat, the chapter’s adopted shelter, for the mothers and children living there in December 2011;
  • Creating art projects to provide holistic therapy to children;
  • Engaging noted domestic violence activist and photographer, Donna Ferrato, to speak to the Greater New York Chapter about domestic violence via her Domestic Violence 101 Photography Workshop; and
  • Organizing a theater outing to see Tennessee Wiliams’ play, A Street Car Named, a historical work of fiction with a deep-rooted theme of domestic violence.

The Arts Facet will continue to promote education and healing for those who are exposed to or are at-risk for domestic violence.  The Arts Facet will service the families at the Urban Women’s Retreat domestic violence shelter and the teens at Good Shepherd -- an organization assisting at-risk teens in New York City.  Its approach this year has been to develop strategic partnerships with New York City’s cultural arts institutions so that the Arts Facet can continue to provide exposure, education, and opportunity in the arts for the chapter’s constituents.  The Arts Facet’s partners include the Smithsonian’s Cooper-HewittArt and Design Center, Dance Theater of Harlem, The Joyce, International Center of Photography, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

With the teens of Good Shepherd, the Arts Facet is scheduling education sessions with a renowned photographer who has made it her life's work to chronicle the faces of domestic violence. These young women will also be taken to various cultural events in the city including the Ballet Hispanico at the Joyce Theater, Dance Theater of Harlem and a guided tour of the International Center of Photography. These sessions will serve as mentoring opportunities as the chaperones share their personal stories and suggestions for success.

The Arts Facet’s work in the Urban Women's Retreat will continue. The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Art and Design Center will run art and design educational sessions for the children throughout the year. These sessions will run in conjunction with performances by the Dance Theater of Harlem, and tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  In addition, the adults at the Urban Women’s Retreat will experience “day of solace” to include a rap-session with professionals in the domestic violence space, as well as a day of relaxation, massages, and makeovers.