Greater New York’s International Trends and Services (“ITS”) Facet has worked to empower over 40 women in Haiti, by providing workshops and tools for entrepreneurship and self-improvement through its “Links to Helping and Healing in Haiti Program”. To launch and guide the participants through this program, the ITS Facet sponsored mission trips to Haiti to provide in person support. As part of the program, the participants completed a series of ESL, technology and finance classes to learn and improve upon their communication, technical and money management skills. The ITS Facet, with support from its community partners, provided the women with trade tools and supplies which allowed many of them to launch their own small business. The first cohort of participants recently completed this three year development program which culminated in a graduation reception celebrating their journey and accomplishments. Feedback from the participants through both entrance and exit surveys indicate that they found the program empowering and of critical value in achieving their personal goals for success.

Although the first cohort has now completed the program, the ITS Facet has already begun its work with a new cohort of women. Additional workshops such as Expressive Arts Therapy and Self Defense have been added to the existing program curriculum, with more to come. The ITS Facet looks forward to continuing to work with its community partners in bringing its “Links to Helping and Healing Program” to even more women in Haiti.