Friends Transforming Communities Through Service

For nearly 70 years, The Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has been providing an array of services to New York City residents. The chapter focuses specifically on the needs of African-American and Hispanic communities.



A Message From The President – Dr. Donna Jones


Welcome to the Greater New York Chapter of the Links, Incorporated Website! Our Chapter is one of the oldest Chapters of the Links, Incorporated and is celebrating 70 years of friendship and service!  We stand united today on the shoulders of our founding members and are dedicated to carrying their mantle so that the important work continues for generations to come.
Our Chapter is comprised of a broad spectrum of black womanhood – balancing and blending the responsibilities that we carry, while transforming the lives of communities through service.  We are wives, mothers, daughters, professionals and even retirees who strive to keep our lives purposeful and relevant. We use our collective networks, God-given talents and resources to create brighter futures and restore hope to the marginalized, oppressed and underserved.
The pages that follow will showcase our phenomenal programs, our rich legacy of service and the important work that we do locally and internationally.  And as we serve, we will continue to educate, encourage and empower! Please join us in celebrating 70 years of incredible commitment and dedication to transforming lives through service!